Tuscan are so much more than just a cast iron superstore.
We use our extensive knowledge and product history to bring you the very best in
bespoke lead and cast iron rainwater & soil goods


Cast iron rainwater systems, gutters, cast iron pipes. 


Cast iron radiators and valves for period styled heating.


Traditional cast iron soil pipes fittings and drainage systems


Quality made cast iron air bricks ventilation products


Pyramids, lanterns and rooflights for new and conservation properties

In England, rainwater systems have been used to drain roofs at least since 1066 when a rainwater pipe was erected at the Tower of London to protect its newly whitewashed walls. It is also known that the ready availability of recycled lead following the dissolution of the monasteries in 1539 promoted a sudden increase in their use, as illustrated by the number of hopper heads displaying heraldic designs and dates from that period.

Tuscan Foundry Products Quality Assurance

High Quality


Our dedicated customer service team are on hand to answer any questions related to installation of our products. Our technical trained team can offer additional support and advice on a wide range of subjects. We can also provide an installation guide if required.

In the interests of performance and safety we recommend that all installation work is carried out to applicable codes of practice.


Due to the many beneficial properties of cast iron rainwater and soil goods, minimal maintenance is required for Tuscan castings. We recommend an annual inspection of cast iron rainwater, soil or drainage systems and clearance of any debris and or blockages. Painted surfaces should be cleared of any contamination and any deterioration of paint should be touched up.


We work to ensure that our business activities comply with, and where possible surpass, applicable environmental standards and legislation. We aim to implement processes and practices which help to minimise risk and protect the environment and eco systems from environmental impacts of the manufacturing processes. We will reduce to a minimum the environmental impacts of our production activities and develop a pro-active approach when taking in to account our local community.

Ethical Sourcing

We aim to do business with only those suppliers who share our core values and approach to corporate social responsibility. We aim to purchase from only those suppliers that have demonstrated a commitment to improving or maintaining acceptable standards on labour, health and safety and environmental practices.


Our cast iron rainwater products are manufactured in accordance with BS460.

The EN877 Halifax Soil System has been awarded British Board of Agrément (BBA) third party accreditation certificate number 06/4401. The scope of the accreditation is detailed within the certificate. The EN877 Halifax System bears the CE markings as required to conform to the Construction Products Regulations (CPR).


Tuscan Premier rainwater systems are available in a choice of 3 different exterior coatings, Premier grey primed, Premier Extra black gloss or Premier Extra coloured.

Most Premier standard rainwater products are now available in Premier Extra black gloss finish from stock. Tuscan painted cast iron rainwater and soil goods are produced with an industry leading finish.

Premier Extra coloured offers any cast iron rainwater items supplied pre-painted to match any RAL or BS colour reference. We are also able to offer a Colour Match service taken from an existing sample. When considering a coloured finish to your product, we recommend you consult your our team for advice about the choice and suitability of choice colours.

Premier Extra pre-painted systems provide the following additional benefits

Features of Tuscan Cast Iron Gutter & Pipes

Round rainwater pipes in a choice of 65mm, 75mm, 100mm and 150mm diameters and in standard lengths of 0.6m, 0.9m, 1.2m and 1.8m. Produced by the centrifugal cast method which offers uniformity of shape and thickness.
With the introduction of the H16 gutter, the Premier standard rainwater range now includes 8 gutter profiles in a variety of different sizes with capacities up to 3 litres per second.
Our selection of standard rainwater heads now includes the H1 and H1A designs.
Rainwater diverter kits allow rainwater harvesting through facilitating connection to a water butt, they are supplied with comprehensive installation instructions. Offered in 3 sizes as standard, bespoke diverter kits can also be made to fit any pipe.
New design loose pipe sockets with spigots enable cost saving through utilisation of pipe offcuts.
Half round gutter jointing kits consisting of 10 EPDM rubber gaskets, bolts, nuts & washers provide time saving at point of installation.
No other material offers the aesthetic appeal of cast iron, one which can satisfy all the requirements of traditional architecture. It is the logical choice for listed properties, conservation areas and heritage work.

Strength & Durability Only Offer By Cast Iron

Tuscan cast iron pipes are highly resistant to distortion caused by accident or vandalism.
Our cast iron gutters are able to withstand the weight of ladders for roof maintenance.
Gutters will not bend and sag when subjected to heavy snow and storms.
Long Life
Correctly installed and maintained Tuscan cast iron rainwater systems can last in excess of 100 years.
Long life expectancy makes cast iron the cost effective choice with one of low whole life costs of any gutter or pipe material.
Annual Maintenance checks should be carried out – occasional repainting may be required after the annual maintenance checks. This is especially important within coastal areas or areas of high pollution.
100% recyclable at the end of its life.

Bespoke Designs

We understand that not all buildings suit the standard range of products and that many buildings have cast iron gutter, pipes and hoppers that are unique to that individual structure.

Specialist patterns and castings can be produced at the foundry located in Halifax, West Yorkshire. We have the experience and capability to manufacture bespoke casting and fabricated products to support our comprehensive standard range of cast iron rainwater and soil goods.

The Halifax site comprises of the pattern making shop, foundry and fabrication facilities, which enables us to manufacture bespoke items to meet your requirements. Our customer service team will manage your order throughout each stage of the process; ensuring the most cost effective production options are selected and quality standards and delivery deadlines are met in full.

Many bespoke commissions start with a client who is trying to reproduce a casting in the style or shape of a pattern which is no longer available. Our in house technical team will be able to work with either a sample from site to replicate an existing casting or a detailed drawing to create a product to a completely new design.

Renovation or extension of a period property can require, for example, radius gutters to match the specific curvature of the building and design of gutter or ornamental hopper heads to match existing installations like for like. In most cases drawings are not available, our technical support will work closely with the client at any stage of the project until we have a new casting which is compliant with current building regulations and listed building consent where applicable.

Standard products can also be altered to provide a specialist solution for your project. For example, fixing ears can be added to rainwater and soil fittings; pipe and gutter fittings can be made to specific angles and projection dimensions; and castings can be customised with dates or embellishments.

We can also produce bespoke cast iron radius gutters that are as unique as your project.

Cast Iron Is Quiet In Operation

Low noise levels due to the sound deadening properties of cast iron. This is particularly important when choosing your soil system.
Very little expansion and contraction in extreme temperatures therefore no noisy clicking, creaking or permanent deformation of gutters.
Cast iron gutters will not rattle in high winds.

Quicker installation

Quicker installation and reduced costs, which can reduce installation time by up to 50%.
No requirement for hazardous material on site and minimal down time caused by inclement weather conditions delaying painting.
Factory applied two-pack polyurethane coated finish. This coating has a life expectancy of at least 10 years subject to annual inspection and maintenance.
Delivered protectively wrapped to provide protection whilst in transit and on site.
Important note:
Life expectancy for the coating does not apply to locations within a three kilometres distance of marine or coastal environments. In these circumstances please consult our team for advice on a suitable coating choice.